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How does it work?

Step 1: Define Your Trip

Tell us all the wishes of your travel group – amenities, budget, location, etc. We send your request directly to matching hotels, hostels, B&B. Without any detours.

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Step 2: Get Individual Offers

Accommodations create individual offers for you and send them to your tripbakery account. You can chat directly with the accommodation over the platform, in case you have questions.

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Step 3: Compare and Book

You can easily compare offers and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

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Why should I use tripbakery?

Time Saving

Make just one request and you get multiple offers from different accommodations without any hassle.

Costum Fit

tripbakery takes every wish you make serious and forwards you only offers that match your group profile 100%.

Money Saving

You will get up to 20% group discounts on accommodations, while our service is totally free for you.


City Trip with Friends

Accommodation 23 adults 1.10. - 10.10 Vienna, AT Hotel Half-Board €400 per person 1 SR + 11 DR WLAN + Meeting Rooms

Teambuilding Event

Accommodation 32 adults 4.6. - 7.6. Wörthersee, AT Hotel All incl. 16 Double Rooms €500 per person 5 Double Rooms

Bowling Club Trip

Accommodation 17 adults 5.11. - 7.11 Edinburgh, GB Hostel Without Board 4 Double Rooms 4 Multi-Bed Rooms €700 per person

Frequently Asked Questions

How can tripbakery handle a group trip without any hassle?

tripbakery takes care of your trip!

To find and book a suitable accommodation for large groups has always been problematic. It’s just not possible to book online for more than 9 people. tripbakery has a huge database of travel suppliers and connects you directly with them. You just need one request and get multiple offers from different suppliers.

How does the request process work?

tripbakery connects you directly with hotels!

After you filled out the questionnaire and confirmed your Email-address, tripbakery sends your request out to the best matching suppliers worldwide. Every supplier that has available capacities sends you an offer over, where you can easily compare and book their offers.

How do you get the cheap prices?

tripbakery bypasses the intermediaries!

tripbakery connects you directly with the matching suppliers by using our own intelligent algorithm. Since most of our processes are automated we do not need many employees which usually drive up the costs of traditional travel agencies. Due to our marketplace model you will get the best hotel rates directly from the suppliers without any extra charge.

How can I book?

You can book directly with the suppliers!

Since the tripbakery is a marketplace for group trips you only have to confirm the offer and you can book directly with the suppliers! The advantage is that you will get the full service of the hotel, hostel or transporter, in regard to full flexibility of payment and cancellation policies.